Carved Rustic Pitched Post

Carved Rustic Pitched Mailbox Post

Big, bold and sturdy, this mailbox post, hand carved from solid rustic
natural Douglas Fir, is ready for you to stain or leave it to weather
naturally. Douglas Fir will "redden" over time when exposed to light.

Douglas Fir paints easily and can hold all types of stains and finishes.
Clear coatings, transparent lacquer, varnishes, oils, wax, bright or
subdued stains, tints or paints and enamels are all appropriate choices.

Douglas Fir takes a pigmented stain quite easily and evenly, but clear
finishing this amber-red toned wood brings out the true, natural beauty.

Due to the nature of different pieces of wood, some surface cracks may
appear, which do not affect the strength of the post. Generally the wood
is cut when it is green & as it dries the moisture evaporates from it and it
cracks. If you do not want the cracks to be seen you can use a wood filler.


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