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These unique, handcrafted mailboxes come in shapes of a veritable Noah's Ark of cool critters, both wild and mild. Each mailbox is U.S. Postal approved, made from galvanized steel and pine, and painted with lead free, acrylic latex exterior house paint that should last for years.

Delivery times vary. Items marked with an asterix (*) ship within 3-4 days, two asterix (**) within 3-4 weeks. On all others, please allow at least 6-8 weeks for delivery, as each one is made to order just for you. If in doubt, call us toll free at 888-321-8802.

Too late? We can still send a Gift Announcement Card, letting them know that a custom hand made mailbox is being created especially for them. It's the gift that gives twice – once when they open the card and again when it arrives. Much easier to wrap, too!

Post Mounted Animal Mailboxes
(Click on any item to see it larger or order.)

** Bull **

** Cow #1 **

** Cow #2 **

Cow #3

* Cow #4 *

* Holstein Cow *

** Farm Horse **

* Horse #2 *


** Piggy **

Pig #2
Flying Pig Mailbox
Flying Pig

** Moose **




** Bear #1 **

Bear #2
Bear Mailbox
* Bear #3 *

** Tiger **
Bear Mailbox
* Polar Bear *

** Elephant **

** Hippo **
** Monkey **

Bear Mailbox
* Manatee #2 * 



Sea Turtle

** Gator **
Crocodile Mailbox
* Crocodile *


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